Thursday, January 12, 2017

Where to find me until ...

So Dear readers, 

A lot, lot, lot is going on on our life. And no small things, big changes, therefor I need some time off and focus on the right things.

But you can always find me in the meantime on any of these Instagram accounts:

1. @stina_auer
2. @improvementsbystinaauer (webb page is:
3. @stinasvintagestore

I'll promise to be back eventually, until then, see you on the links above!



  1. Can you give a little update what is going on in your life?

    -thanks so much-

  2. Dear Stina,
    I am sure all your other readers would join me in hoping that you and your family are well. We miss you, but absolutely understand that family takes priority over everything else. Take care,
    Sherrie from Australia

  3. Yes, I know Stina it's an intensive life you have right now, but please don't close your blog , I love it since so many years... Hugs and good luck for all.

  4. Stina is preparing to leave Sweden probably..... For where? Somewhere she can lives with her M and all of them.... May be Switerland may be not?' We will know soon. The thing astonishing me is the new openened clinic so Chic" and in which you are involved but you can move it without problems I think.
    All my best my Stina.

  5. Wishing you all the very best. Always remember...You deserve only the best! My thoughts are with you. Susan from the USA